Why Is Teenage Insurance More Expensive?

If you have looked into getting an insurance policy for your teenager, you have probably found out that it actually costs you more each month to protect their financial liability than it would cost for yourself. This isn’t something that is specific to your insurance agency; this is the way that every insurance agency works. Why should someone have to pay more just because they are younger?

Increased Statistics

The main reason that insurance will cost more for a teenager is due to the fact that they simply get in more accidents than any other age group out there. While teenagers only make up 10 percent of the total population, they account for 12 percent of all fatal car crashes that occur.

The fatality rate for teenagers is also much higher because teens are much less likely to wear a seat belt than any other age group. The reason behind this is because it is considered “not cool”, and teenagers care about their image more than anything.

Also, teenagers are the most easily distracted drivers. That is why most teenage collisions will include a passenger. In fact, 80 percent of all teenage incidents had a passenger in the vehicle of the driving teen. Not to mention that teenagers are irresponsible drinkers, even though they are underage, and don’t quite understand the consequences that are involved.

Reduce the Cost

There will usually be a way to reduce these high costs, depending on your insurance provider. For starters, students that are on the honor roll at their school will usually receive a discount. This is due to statistics, as good students are the least likely to get in an accident. Also, teenagers that have taken a driving instruction course can get their insurance at a reduced rate because they will have more experience driving before they get behind the wheel.


If you don’t want to have to pay as much each month for your teenager’s insurance, make sure that they take a driving course before they get behind the wheel. This will protect their lives as well as your finances. Also, make sure that they stay on the honor roll. Driving privileges can be a great incentive to let them drive their car, so use it! With these bonuses you will be able to greatly reduce the cost each month, saving you money. Check with your insurance agent to see what discounts are offered.

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