Why Do You Need Car Insurance?

Of course, every driver needs car insurance in order to legally operate a motor vehicle. This is generally accepted by most people as something that just have to be, but for the curious ones out there that want to know exactly why they need to have car insurance, this article is for you. Hopefully this can help you understand why it is necessary, and why you should try to find an insurance company that completely covers your financial liability.

Paying For Damages

Damages that are caused by a car accident usually rise up to several thousand dollars, which is a lot more than most people have in their bank accounts. Not only that, but even if they did manage to somehow have several thousand in their account, it would definitely hurt their savings to have to shuffle that money out for an accident. What was the solution?

Car insurance was the solution to this problem to support people that weren’t rich and had lots of money sitting around. By paying a small amount each month, it allows people to avoid being financially liable for damages that they cause, and instead pass that onto the insurance company.

Of course, certain policies only cover certain areas and have a limited amount of coverage. This means that you can’t just recklessly drive through a town hitting anything that you won’t, as you will be paying for it – not to mention serve jail time. And with a plethora of different companies and policies to choose from, you actually have options when it comes to paying for your car insurance.

Check Your Coverage

In order to make sure that you are sufficiently covered, as is required by law, you should check your policy and see how much is covered for you. Also, check any special circumstances that aren’t covered to make sure that you are covered in as many circumstances as well. Make sure that your coverage meets up with the amount that is required in your state by law.


So in short, protecting your financial liability is the reason that you need to have car insurance. If someone needs to be paid for damages that you may have caused, this ensures that they will receive the money immediately, and will not have to wait for the person that initiated the wreck to save up enough money to pay them. This is important because vehicles are needed for travel to work and other important daily activities.

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posted on Monday, March 24, 2014