When Renting A Car Do You Need The Collision Damage Waiver?

Most people do not rent a car often enough to know what coverage they need and what coverage they do not need. They tend to rely on the renting agent to make sure they're properly covered.
The problem with this is you can often end up with double coverage. Here's how that can happen with the collision damage waiver.
First of all what is the collision damage waiver? This is optional coverage that would kick in so you do not have to use your own insurance policy deductible in case you're in an accident.
Most people who are renting a car also have a car that they are insuring themselves. If you're renting with a major credit card you probably do not need the collision damage waiver.
How do you know for sure if you're covered with your insurance policy, or through the major credit card you're using? Simply call up the credit card company and asked them!
Most people do not do this, and they end up purchasing the waiver when they really do not need it. This becomes an additional expense that could have been saved!
It's always best to do your rental car insurance shopping before you arrive at the counter. This way you will not feel pressured into doing something that you're not sure whether you need or not.