What Does Totaling Your Car Mean?

If you or somebody you know has gotten into a serious wreck, you may have heard the term “totaled”. However, just because you heard the term doesn’t mean that you understand it. In fact, most people have to have it explained to them the very first time that they hear it. In order for you to get what a person who is telling you is meaning, you must first do your own little bit of research. That is why you are here.


When an accident occurs, there is always damage to any vehicle that is involved. In fact, that is consequence of the incident. While it is unfortunate that you got in a wreck and had your car damaged, you are going to have to pay for repairs if you ever plan on using that car again. This is when it gets a little trickier, as it isn’t always worth getting your car repaired.

If the damages that have occurred are too high in cost, it may be worth just scrapping the car and getting a new one. Over time, cars lose value and wear down, so sometimes the repairs that are being done can actually cost more than the car itself because they are new parts being placed inside an old machine.

This is when the term “totaled” comes into play. To put this simply, “totaled” means that your car is no longer worth fixing compared to the damages that have been caused, and it would be better to purchase a new car of the same value rather than fix your old one. Usually, a very serious accident must occur for this to happen.

Does My Insurance Cover It?

If your insurance would have covered the damages to have the car repaired, than they are liable to give you the money to purchase a new one if your old one had been totaled. You have to be careful with your insurance though, as some policies will only cover the other person’s car, and not your own. Look at your policy to see if you are covered before buying a new car, and only buy a new car if your insurance agent tells you that yours has been totaled and you have worked out a plan with them.


Now you know what totaled means, and you can use this knowledge if you ever do need to know it. Hopefully this never happens to you, but it is better to be prepared than to be caught off guard and not know what is going on.

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posted on Monday, March 24, 2014