Traffic Bond Cards

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What is a bond card?

Traffic StopA bond card can be used  instead of your driver’s license if a police officer tickets you and requests that you surrender your drivers license.  This way you are not without your valuable proof of identity which you need for access to office buildings,  travel and when cashing checks and using credit cards.

In Illinois, if you are ticketed for a minor traffic violation, the officer will take your driver’s license as bond to guarantee your appearance in court or payment of your fine. The Traffic Bond Card may be accepted in place of your driver’s license, allowing you to retain possession of your license.

Our bonds cards cover $160 for  a single violation and $500 for multiple violations and they are valid in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

If you do not appear in court the bond company is required to make payment of your fines.  You are required to reimburse the bond card company.

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posted on Monday, March 24, 2014