SR-22 Insurance – What You Need to Know

SR-22 insurance is a special kind of car insurance coverage which is necessary for certain kinds of drivers under special circumstances. We will review what this coverage is about in more detail and how it can be obtained.

SR-22 insurance is required for drivers who have had problems or circumstances which makes them higher risk than other kinds of drivers. A number of states have established requirements for SR-22 insurance based on a number of factors and circumstances. These can include the following:

Driving without insurance in states which require that all drivers carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage. Illinois is one state which is very strict about this requirement. So if you operate a vehicle in that state and do not have insurance coverage, you may be required to obtain this SR-22 insurance.
Driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence may create a situation where you must obtain SR-22 insurance.
If you accumulate an excessive number of traffic infractions or moving violations, you may need to be covered under SR-22 insurance.
And driving with a suspended or revoked license can be justification for SR-22 insurance.
There may be other circumstances which can necessitate this coverage such as leaving the scene of an accident or involvement in a hit and run accident.

In general if you are required to obtain SR-22 insurance, you must maintain that coverage for two years. If you do so and maintain a safe driving record, you may be able to return to a more conventional type of car insurance coverage.

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If you do need to get SR-22 insurance, many insurance companies offer this kind of coverage. One option to find and secure this kind of coverage is to search through the Internet. Check out a site which offers a service called AutoQuoter. It can take information you supply and obtain multiple quotes for coverage from different companies. This even includes SR-22 insurance.

Once you obtain this kind of coverage, the insurance company is required to report to the state the status of this coverage. If you do not pay for this coverage and it becomes cancelled, the insurance company will notify the state and you may be liable for penalties or in some cases a prison term.

This is very serious business so make sure you seek out, evaluate and obtain the proper coverage if you find yourself needing this type of insurance.

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posted on Thursday, September 8, 2016