Renew Your Insurance Policy

You have had insurance for a long time, and you realize that your insurance card that you carry with you is getting rather close to the date indicated as the “expiration date”. Once this day hits, you will no longer be insured and you won’t be able to legally drive. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you renew your policy you will still be insured, but this can often be a confusing process.

When Should You Renew Your Policy?

For procrastinators that wait until the last minute, know now that it is a bad idea to renew your policy on the day that it expires. On this day, you won’t be able to legally drive anymore because you won’t have an updated card on you. So what is the solution to fix this problem? It is very simple – renew your policy before it ends so that you can have a card on you when your old one expires.

It will take some time for it to come in the mail, so you can sometimes get a temporary paper that says that you are insured. Some insurance agencies are willing to provide you with this documentation, while others make it very difficult and confusing to get.

Not to mention that you need access to a printer in order to receive it. If you renew your policy before this date comes, you won’t need to go through this hassle. Don’t worry; you won’t be paying for the new policy until your old one has expired, so they won’t overlap.

How Do You Renew Your Policy?

This is different depending on your insurance agency, but they all follow a general process. You will need to contact your agent, which can easily be done with a simple phone call, and talk to them about renewing your policy. They will be happy to explain to you the process. You will more than likely have some paperwork to fill out, but after that you will have a new policy.


Knowing when and how to renew your policy makes it a much easier process. Stop worrying about this task and just get it done; it is usually very quick and easy. Insurance companies want you to stay insured with them, so they will work hard to help you out. Keep in mind that this is also an opportunity to switch companies if you don’t like your old one.

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posted on Monday, October 15, 2012