QuotePro Expands Bind Online Services

Chicago-based QuotePro has announced their expansion into 38 States with their Retail Website Solution. Quotepro Technology allows online consumers to price shop and purchase Auto Insurance 24/7/365.

QuotePro's innovative web solutions stem from experience gained from over 20 years experience working with agencies who sell both standard and non-standard auto insurance.  "We have listened to our agents, our partners, and we have developed new ways to reach consumers.  In doing so we have developed the ultimate online sales tool for auto insurance.

With QuotePro technology, clients can sell online 24/7 and take payments on Websites and Mobile Applications. "We have clients that are closing over 50 deals a day through Quotepro Powered Websites - that is the equivalent of 25 storefronts!" said Marco Freudman, QuotePro's President. QuotePro's website solutions are powered by their time-tested Bind-On-Line (BOL) technology which is an integral part of their comparative rating solutions.  

QuotePro's comparative rater can deliver quotes through a website directly to the customer who can then buy an auto policy 24/7/365 after completing Quotepro's custom interview process. The entire purchase process takes under 3 minutes.

As online sales keep growing each year, agents need tools to be able to sell into this market. "Our retail website solutions are designed to allow our agencies to compete and win in this highly competitive online space." said Chris Albu, Sales & Business Development Manager at QuotePro.

About Quotepro Inc.

Since 1991 Quotepro has delivered software solutions for providing quick and easy comparative quoting for all lines of Insurance to today's Agents and Brokers. For more information please contact Chris Albu @ albu@quotepro.com or 312-351-5883.


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posted on Friday, March 14, 2014