Pros and Cons of Online Auto Insurance Sites

The traditional way of getting auto insurance was to contact an insurance agent who would then take your application and eventually quote you rates for a policy. But with the advent of the Internet, it is now possible to research, shop and evaluate and purchase coverage all from an integrated website. So let’s look at the pros and cons of using such a site.

When you access a site which offers a service like AutoQuoter, you are able to enter required information necessary to receive an auto insurance quotation right from the webpage. The information you enter is used to obtain multiple quotes from different insurance companies almost immediately.

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If you wanted to do the same thing in the more traditional manner, you would have to contact a number of agents individually and then fill out applications with each one of them to be able to compare rates and services. It is very time consuming and does not always result in the kind of savings you might be seeking.

You could cut down on the number of applications necessary if you contacted an independent insurance agent who represented more than one insurance company. But the variety of companies is not always very extensive and there is still a lot of personal involvement required.

An online service on the other hand does most of the work for you. It can organize the information from multiple quotes and present it in a way which allows you to easily compare rates and services.

Once you have decided to obtain a policy, the online system can get all this done for you right through the site. All documents are transmitted to the company electronically and you can even pay the initial premium and receive all insurance documentation and id cards within minutes of choosing and paying for the coverage.

This is all done very quickly and securely so you don’t have to worry about private information getting into the wrong hands.

Using an agent would require that you fill out the necessary paperwork and then deliver or fax it to the agent. You would also most likely have to mail payment to the company and wait days or weeks to get the policy in place.

Which option do you think has the advantages and benefits you seek when it comes to evaluating and purchasing auto insurance? This is why these online sites have become so popular and effective.

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posted on Monday, March 24, 2014