Illinois Car Insurance

Illinois Auto Insurance

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We provide full auto insurance service in the state of Illinois, with the same low cost insurance premiums as our Indiana customers.

Our business is helping you save money on car insurance. Take a few minutes to get a quote from us. If you like our low prices, you can also purchase an insurance policy today.

If you are currently insured with another provider but you think that you are overpaying, not a problem, switch to us and save $499 or more now.

Every Illinois car liability policy must include uninsured and underinsured motorist’s coverage. Illinois Minimum required limits are:

  • Uninsured Motorists: Bodily Injury: $20,000/$40,000
  • Property Damage: $10,000
  • Under insured Motorists: Bodily Injury: $50,000

Our car insurance is provided by Urban Insurance Agency. Get quality Illinois car insurance at the lowest possible rates.

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