Getting Vehicle Insurance With A Suspended License

Imagine getting vehicle insurance with a suspended license? Sounds difficult, right? 
No, you can still get auto insurance whether your license got suspended because you did not pay tickets,  you have a DUI offense, or any other reason.
Many states allow drivers to get car insurance with suspended licenses; however, you must contact your local DMV to know whether your state allows drivers with suspended licenses to maintain their insurance. One good solution is the SR22 which serves as proof for insurance. SR22 is usually sent to the Department of Motor Vehicle by your insurance company intended to get your suspended license to be reinstated as soon as the suspension period elapses.
Another option is to apply for a hardship driver’s license which will allow you drive your car. With the hardship license, you can then proceed to looking for an insurance company that offers coverage which suits your needs at reasonable prices.
As you can see, there is no need to cancel your auto insurance if your license has been suspended for any reason.