Get Car Insurance With No License

You probably think it’s impossible to get car insurance with no license right? That’s exactly what most people think, but sure enough it’s the total opposite. There are a number of ways in which an unlicensed car owner can get car insurance cover for his vehicle and these include;
Having a chauffeur with a valid driver’s license. This is one of the most popular reasons as to why a person without a driver’s license can get purchase car insurance cover. The reason for getting a personal driver may be because of old age, health reasons or just one’s own preference. However the logic behind this arrangement is that since you are the owner of the vehicle you are hence solely responsible for putting the car under cover.
Being in possession of a drivers license that has been suspended .This is also an avenue used by many to purchase car insurance as a person will still want to keep his/her vehicle under cover even after his driver’s license has been revoked. Most insurance providers will however charge higher premiums in such cases.
Different states also have different laws governing insurance policies. For instance the state of Texas allows unlicensed car owners to purchase insurance with just the aim of keeping their vehicle registrations up to date. All in all being honest when purchasing car insurance with no license will prove vital as any misinformation on you part can used as a basis for denial of future insurance claims.