Finding The Right Car Insurance

I want to show you how easy it is to find the right car insurance with these tips.
1. Get 3 quotes. There is no excuse for not getting competitive quotes. The Internet makes it easy.
2. Compare apples to apples. Make sure that the quote you are getting is comparing comparable features and benefits.
3. Choose the best deal. The best deal is not always pricing, but that certainly is important.
4. Check your credit history. If you've got any blemishes on your credit report get those cleaned up and taken care of before getting a quote. In the future pay your bills on time, and work at getting a better credit score so you can get a better car insurance quote.
5. Join an auto club. You may be eligible for a better car insurance premium if you're a member of an auto club.
6. Go with a name brand. Choosing a car insurance company that you've never heard of can cost you in the long run beyond what you save on your premiums.
7. Talk to the  customer service rep. Explain your personal needs and make sure that your qualifying for all discounts you are eligible before you get your final quote.
8. Take a defensive driving course. In some instances this may help you, especially if you're a senior citizen or a first-time driver.  
9. What to cover? Be sure your auto insurance covers car theft, vandalism, hail damage, fire or damage due to hitting an animal, if those things are important to you.