Do I need a separate insurance card to rent my car out?

With car rental sites like Relay Rides, Lyft and Uber becoming more popular, this is a common question that drivers may have? How can you be certain that your car is covered while it is being rented by someone else?

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Relay Rides offers a great explanation of this. Basically, each of these companies provide insurance for your vehicle while it is being rented out. During the rental, your normal insurance policy is not in force. Should there be an accident, you will need to contact the rental agency, like Relay Rides, to obtain the necessary insurance information.

Here is an excerpt from Relay Rides web site:

During a reservation, the RelayRides insurance policy is active. Please make sure your registration, your personal insurance card, and the relevant RelayRides insurance card is in the vehicle, accessible to your renter during the reservation. If there is an incident during a reservation period, the renter and any third parties should look to the RelayRides insurance ID card. The number for claims reporting is located on the back. 

For more information, please read the entire article on their website: Relay Rides Insurance

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posted on Monday, April 7, 2014