Comparing Car Insurance Rates For Cities In Colorado

Let's compare car insurance rates based on a handful of cities in Colorado. What are the cheapest cities to get car insurance in Colorado and which cities are the most expensive. 
We will report here based on a study conducted by Value Penguin. They found a variance of almost $1200 a year which is significant.
Fort Collins was the cheapest followed by Loveland. La Porte, Windsor and Longmont. In general the cheapest car insurance to be found is in the north part of Colorado in Boulder, Larimer, and Weld County. 
Fort Collins and Loveland are less then 15 miles a part. This is a fast growing area based on jobs as well as people who commute to Denver to work. If you have ever driven to Denver from Fort Collins you know how quickly you can be in a rush hour traffic sort of feel, so not sure why this is cheaper. Plus Fort Collins is a college town with Colorado State University there. 
Denver is the most expensive as you might expect. It is 27% higher then the state average. It has over 600,000 people living there. Aurora comes in at the 4th most expensive. It has over 325,000 people and continues to grow because they own the land to expand which Denver does not. Pueblo comes in 2nd, and has over 107,000 residents. It is a poorer community which might explain why the rates are higher.