Car Insurance In Texas

Have you ever heard the quote “everything is bigger in Texas”? If you live in Texas, you would have to live underneath a rock to have never heard this stated before. While many aspects of this quote may be true, the amount that you pay for your insurance doesn’t have to be bigger than everywhere else. In fact, you can cheap insurance in Texas if you just know where to begin.

What Is Required In Texas For Car Insurance?

As with every state, Texas requires that you have a certain amount of coverage for your vehicle and person in order to protect your financial liability. This is why you need to find an insurance company that offers a great price, but meets these criteria. In order to have legal car insurance, you must have a minimum of $20,000 of protection for bodily injuries and $10,000 for property damages.

The purpose behind these requirements is to make sure that everything can be paid for in case an accident happens. Since you don’t have this money lying around that you could use if something were to happen, you need to have car insurance that can provide the money for you if an incident were to occur. With this being the case, having an insurance agency that offers these amounts will give you the needed protection for you and your vehicle.

Minimal Coverage

Since this is the minimal coverage, this would be the coverage you would want to look for if you were trying to find the cheapest car insurance. This would allow you to save money on insurance because the company isn’t going to have to be as liable for you, so there isn’t as great of a risk of losing money for them.

Usually, a company in Texas will have several different policies available. They will probably try to sell you one of their more expensive ones at first, but don’t feel pressured into taking it. Instead, ask them about their minimal policy so that you aren’t paying a huge chunk of change each month. You shouldn’t ever need to pay more than the minimum for an accident anyways. If you do, you probably have bigger problems on your list.


This is what you need to be fully covered in Texas. Get the minimal requirements in order to get the cheapest Texas insurance. This will save you money and will eliminate the hassle of getting insurance that you simply don’t need.

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posted on Monday, October 15, 2012