Car Insurance In Illinois

Do you live in Illinois and have a need for car insurance? Finding car insurance that is both affordable and dependable is quite a difficult task, no matter where you live. However, in the state of Illinois, where Honest Abe was born, you should be able to find car insurance that meets your needs. There are certain requirements that you will need to make as well, so let’s start by looking at what the minimum requirements are for your car insurance.

Minimum Requirements

Each state has their own set amounts as to how much you have to be covered in order to have legal car insurance. While many states share the same amounts, a few are different and you will need to check in on that. In the state of Illinois you have to be covered for the typical amount; $20,000 for bodily injuries, and $10,000 to cover property damages that may be caused if you got into a wreck.

Since these are the minimum requirements as set by law, you will want to find an insurance agency that follows these guidelines so that you can receive legitimate insurance. The best way to do this is to look at the policies that are offered and see how much that you are covered by. You can even ask your insurance agent, but you shouldn’t completely rely on their word just as a precaution.

Finding the Right Insurance in Illinois

Now that you know the minimum requirements in order to be considered properly insured, it will be much easier to find the right insurance company for you. Getting the cheapest insurance as possible will mean that you should be looking at the minimal insurance policies that are offered by agencies in Illinois.

This isn’t too terribly difficult; you just have to know where to look.
The easiest method is to check online. You can also call the company and talk to an agent, although you should be prepared for them to try and sell you their insurance. Either way, knowing is half the battle, and the other half is making your final decision.


With the minimal required insurance you will get the best deal possible, and pay the least amount of money each month that you can. This is pretty easy to obtain once you have all the needed information. And even the cheapest of insurance can save you when that dreaded accident or unexpected turn in the road comes.

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posted on Monday, October 15, 2012