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As was often the case, in order to get car insurance, you had to contact an agent either by phone or through a personal visit and then provide all kinds of information about the vehicle you wanted to insure, your driving history and other pertinent information. The agent would then provide you with a quote but in order to bind the insurance you had to sign a bunch of forms usually in person and then you could eventually get coverage.

This often took days. But now through the Internet, you can shop for rates, compare coverage and companies, and receive the coverage you choose almost immediately. And it can all be done over the Internet. Let’s see how this can occur.

Through an effective tool called AutoQuoter, it is possible to enter information in one place. This information is used to get rate quotes from several different insurance companies. It is presented in a very clear manner and it allows you to compare coverage and companies very easily.

Once you have decided on a particular company and coverage, you can proceed with obtaining coverage almost immediately right on line. Once the costs have been presented, you can pay for the initial premium directly through this online system.

The coverage can then be finalized and all the necessary insurance paperwork will be automatically generated. It can even create the insurance id cards you will want to carry in your vehicle. There is a good feeling knowing that your insurance coverage is confirmed and you know what the costs are upfront.

You can confirm all the required information, electronically sign and return all necessary paperwork and make payment all through this online system. The whole process can be completed in minutes instead of days. And you don’t have to go through the hassle of travelling to an insurance agent’s office to complete necessary steps.

Once you have purchased your car insurance, this site will also allow you to access your account so you can confirm the coverage, make changes or receive important notifications. The whole process is fast, safe and effective.

And remember that you are taking advantage of comparing rates from different companies in a very convenient manner. The savings you can realize are often quite substantial.

It is therefore important to remember that it is now possible to save yourself a lot of time and money by using a system like AutoQuoter. What could be easier?

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posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2012