Car Insurance – Factors which affect rates

If you operate a vehicle, then you are either required to have car insurance or should certainly make sure you are adequately covered. The risk of driving a vehicle without some type of coverage is simply too great to leave it to chance. In choosing car insurance, you will need to evaluate rates from may be offered from different carriers. These rates can vary quite a bit so it’s important to understand how they are affected.

There is usually a good deal of variation on rates for the same amount of coverage. This is because the rates are affected by a variety of factors. Let’s look at some of the key factors:

Type of vehicle insured. The cost of coverage can be greatly affected by the vehicle it protects. Not only is the value of the vehicle an important criteria but the reliability and safety history of the car can play a key role as well. For example if the car has a good safety record, then its rates will generally be lower than another vehicle which has lower safety ratings. In addition the rates will generally be higher for a more expensive vehicle since more money will have to be spent to repair or replace the vehicle.
Where the vehicle is primarily driven. Insurance is all about risk and the price you pay has a lot to do with how much risk the insurance company places on where you primarily operate the vehicle. In general the rates for insurance coverage are higher in denser urban areas. And some areas have a higher incidence of accidents which would certainly affect the rates as well.
The people seeking coverage and their driving history play an important role. The insurance company will look into the driving history of any people on a policy and adjust the rates depending on how good or bad their driving record is. If you have had a number of accidents or traffic infractions, then your rates will probably be higher than someone who has had a better driving record and little incidence of accidents or infractions.

What can make this evaluation even more complex is the fact that some companies take different factors into account more so than other companies. So the rate you pay at one company for the same vehicles and level of coverage could be very different for another company.

That’s why it is helpful to use a system like AutoQuoter to get multiple quotes for the same level of coverage from different companies. It can quickly and effectively allow you to evaluate and make informed decisions concerning coverage amounts and costs. In general you can save a good deal of money and get superior coverage at the same time.

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posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2012